11 Haziran 2023 Pazar

İngilizce Fıkra


Child pushing himself next to his grandfather.
-Grandad, will you close your eyes?
-Why should I close them, child?
-Because mummy and daddy said, if grandaddy just closes his eyes, we will be very rich.

Çocuk dedesinin yanına sokuldu.
-Dede gözünü kapatır mısın?
-Neden kapatayım yavrum?
-Çünkü annemle babam deden gözlerini bi kapatırsa çok zengin olacağız dedilerde.

The phone of circus manager was ringing at. The manager picked up the phone.
-'This is circus manager .' he said.
-'Good morning sir, I look for a job. Can you give me a job in your circus?' the voice at the other and said.
-'We can give a job the persons who have extraordinary tricks.'
-'What sort?'
-'I am a juggler and acrobat.'
-'Other? All is that?'
-'I can speak as well.'
-'Everybody can speak. Is speaking a skill?'
-'Of course, sir It is not a skill for human beings. But I am only a dog...'

Two young man had met in the camp of nudes and become friends. They were taking sun bath in the garden. One of them asked the other:
-'Do you tell me why have you come this camp?'
-'In fact, I am not interested in the camp of nudes. They have sent here me for cure. I am only a pickpocket...' the other man said.

pickpocket: yankesici